Check Out: Dr. Dre & Jay-Z – "Under Pressure"

Aside from the decade long wait, part of the reason Dr. Dre‘s forthcoming third studio album Detox is so anticipated is because of the inclusion of “Under Pressure”, a track which hears Dre team up with the equally massive Jay-Z. Of course, it’s not surprising to note that early reviews are mixed. In addition to the insurmountable amount of hype, you’ll hear some lackluster beats — at least by these two rappers’ standards — and dated lyrics. As Prefix points out, Jay-Z is rapping about topics like Tiger Woods, FEMA, and Gilbert Arenas. Still, this is like the biggest hip-hop song to leak since at least “Run This Town” — or Weezy’s phone-a-rap — so who are we to judge? Check it out for yourself below.

“Under Pressure” is the first single off Detox. No word on when it or the album will be released, but we already have it on our shopping list.


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