Check Out: Gorillaz – “On Melancholy Hill” (Feed Me Remix) (CoS Premiere)

“On Melancholy Hill” is a standout song on a record stacked with standout songs, and it seems the obvious choice for a single. Well, guess what? “On Melancholy Hill” was just released as the second single from Plastic Beach.

While that news may not shock or confuse you, one thing that may is how a fictitious animated character can conduct interviews? This is one of my favorite things about Gorillaz, though. They blur (pun intended) the lines between the real world and the band’s world so well that you can read an interview with Murdoc and not even register that he isn’t really a person. In the reality I see, there are more than enough reasons to suspend disbelief and withdraw for a few minutes, and Gorillaz give you an excuse and a method. So what does Murdoc have to say about this tune? “The melancholy hill – it’s that feeling, that place, that you get in your soul sometimes, like someone’s let your tyres down. It’s nice to break up the album with something a little lighter. It’s good to have something that’s a genuine pop moment on every album. And this is one of those.” (via NME)

The single has already been released to radio stations and a video for the song should be out shortly. For now, check out this remix from Feed Me, aka Spor, a drum and bass DJ and fellow Englishman to the Gorillaz creative team. I am not sure if the cartoons are English, I assume so, but who knows really. What I do know is this dance-floor ready version actually enhances an already strong song, which is about the best compliment I can give Feed Me. Enjoy:


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