Check Out: New Eminem + Lil Wayne track, “No Love”

Eminem‘s new album has leaked, and we now have the latest sample of his seventh effort. The track is the previously-announced “No Love”, featuring one of his favorite rappers Lil Wayne in a verse (via Prefix).

The song, produced by Just Blaze, is the biggest sampling tragedy since Jay-Z’s Alphaville sample in “Young Forever”. Not that it’s poorly done or anything — you just don’t sample Haddaway’s “What is Love”. You just don’t. There’s no way to listen to this song without visualizing Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan clubbing in matching suits.

As in “Not Afraid”, Eminem sings a little too much and, as everyone knows, he’s not good at it. In fact, the only songs in which I can remember his singing being pleasurable in any way are “My Fault” and “Kill You”, both over a decade ago. But, also like “Not Afraid” and other tracks leaked so far, this song features some of Eminem’s best delivery in a while. The song won’t change anyone’s mind about Lil Wayne, love him or hate him. If the rest of the album contains more verse and less chorus from Slim Shady, we have high hopes (stay tuned for a review).

Recovery is out June 22nd on Aftermath Entertainment. Meanwhile, here‘s what a 2010 Eminem song sounds like with a real singer providing the poppy chorus, and here‘s the hip-hop bill of the century so far.

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