Conan O’Brien teams up with Jack White at Third Man Records

Coming into last night, I don’t think anyone aside from Conan O’Brien and Jack White knew what was going to happen when the two entertainment giants joined forces at White’s Third Man Records studios in Nashville, Tennessee. A simple jam session? A reunion of The White Stripes? Conan reading poetry while Jack played bongos? The possibilities were really endless.

As it turns out, the duo’s collaboration came in the form of aforementioned possibility #1 — a simple jam session — and a resulting live record.

According to published reports, the gig consisted of two parts. The main set featured Conan and accompanying live band dishing out covers of “Rock This Town”, “On The Road Again”, “Fake Plastic Trees” “Creep” (it’s not included in the pictured setlist, but it did happen), and even Jack’s own classic, “Seven Nation Army”. (Boy, that must have been cool.) In the subsequent encore, White joined O’Brien for covers of Eddie Cochran’s “20 Flight Rock” and Ronnie Hawkins’ “Forty Days”.

Now, ready for the icing on the cake? The duo recorded the performance and will release it on vinyl.

Conan of course tried to put in all into perspective, noting, “Six months ago, I was the host of The Tonight Show, the greatest franchise in the history of television. Then I started a live tour, going from small theater to small theater. And tonight I’m pressing a vinyl recording. I’m going back in time! Next week I’ll be on vaudeville. Then i’ll be a steamship captain.”

Pre-orders for the record were being taken at the show. No word on whether it will be available to the general public

Update: Per Pitchfork, while a limited edition blue and black version of the LP will only be available to those at the show, a regular version of the LP will also be available for purchase by anybody. Head to Third Man Records to pick it up. There’s also confirmation that Conan recorded a yet-to-be-detailed spoken word 7″ that will be released by Third Man in the future. We’re thinking this might relate to “Conrad Bain” (see below).

As for footage of the performance? Cameras were strictly prohibited, but, as we have learned time and time again, that doesn’t usually stop people. Below, you’ll find a clip of White introducing Conan’s main set. We’ll add more if and when they become available.

Note: We initially reported that White and O’Brien had recorded a 7″ single of the O’Brien-penned song “Conrad Bain” together. It is not yet clear if that is accurate.

Blue Moon of Kentucky
Rock This Town
Polk Salad Annie
On the Road Again
Monkey Business
King Creole
Seven Nation Army
The Weight

20 Flight Rock *
Forty Days *

* = w/ Jack White

Image via Team Coco.


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