CoS End of Week Recap: June 14-18


    Bonnaroo is over. The tents have been taken down, the vans packed up, and the last few drinks downed. The drum circles and drug-induced dancing have ceased. Badly sunburned college students, their cool-minded professional counterparts, and aging hippies continue to head back to the daily grind. The clean-up crew is probably still sweeping up cigarette butts and discarded toilet paper rolls as I type this.

    In short, one of the key musical events of the season ended. But you know what? We’ve still got a lot of summer ahead of us. There is still so much to report apart from festivals. A slew of albums are slated for release;  tours will happen; and then who knows? At the risk of sounding trite, think of this recap as the tip of the iceberg.

    What more can I say? Enjoy.

    — No, there’s no new Arcade Fire LP just yet, but they did release a couple of new singles this week.

    Chicago music fans are in for treat: the city will host the Sonar Festival in September.

    — For those of you that can’t stomach any more homespun footage on YouTube, check out new videos by The Flaming Lips, Gorillaz, Big Boi, MGMT, Devo, and OK Go, just to name a few.

    Lil Wayne rapped from prison.

    Dr. Dre and Jay-Z collaborated.

    — And speaking of Dr. Dre, the hip-hop mastermind took Death Row Records to court.

    The Avalanches promised a new album in the near future.  Yeah, you heard me: The Avalanches.

    — Matador will release Interpol‘s highly anticipated self-titled LP in September.

    — Muse, Ozzy Osbourne, MGMT, and Interpol lead Voodoo Experience‘s 2010 lineup.

    — The owner of the CBGBs brand name declared bankruptcy.

    Eagles of Death Metal bassist Brian O’ Connor was diagnosed with cancer.

    — The Nerdy Show provided us with some exclusive footage of the forthcoming Rock Band 3.

    — Curious to know how Holy Fuck feels about Betty White and Twilight? Well, you’re in luck because Nicholas Comney interviewed them.

    Woodsist Festival in L.A. featured the likes of Woods, Real Estate, and Kurt Vile. Read Philip Cosores’ report here.

    — Chris Coplan reviewed Drake’s long-awaited debut.

    — Megan Ritt offered her thoughts on the new Chemical Brothers album titled Further.

    — Check out our staff’s coverage of Bonnaroo 201o.

    — As for everything else that went down the weekend of Bonnaroo, see Alex Young’s recap.

    — Three words: Northside Music Festival.

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