D'Angelo emerges from cave, reveals he's recording an album

With his chiseled abs and velvety vocals, D’Angelo was set to dominate the neo-soul landscape with his 2000 release, Voodoo. Then, like he fast forwarded to the the juicy parts in his own personal Behind The Music, the R&B sex god vanished, without a single note of new material released in a decade’s time. That is, until now. In an interview with TheUrbanDaily.com, D’Angelo revealed he’s hard at work on his third album.

While details are pretty slim as of right now, there’s one key message D’Angelo did want to get across to fans eagerly awaiting the album that’s been a hot-button topic since the mid-2000s: “I’m in the kitchen and I’m cooking up something real nice.” As for any indicators as to what we can expect, D’Angelo did reveal he’s been listening to the likes of Black Merda, a late ’60s black rock group signed to Chess Records, along with The Bar-Kays, and Rick James. D’Angelo added his new taste in music stems from his search for “alternative shit that’s unquestionably, unmistakably Black, and doesn’t fit into this whole — what I feel is — like minstrelsy almost,” referring to his stance on the status of popular black culture.

As always, stay tuned for more details on the album as they’re announced.


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