Devo hooks up with Matt Groening for Futurama’s 100th episode

Look out Joanna Newsom. Devo’s return has finally come full circle.

It’s only fitting the once pot-planter-wearing foursome are celebrating their return into the world’s collective consciousness by making their animated cartoon debut on the only show where they would actually fit in – Futurama.

I mean come on, when you really think of it wouldn’t Bender fit perfectly into the Akron four-piece’s lineup?  Maybe he could play the tambourine or something.

According to a press release, Mark Mothersbaugh & Co. are set to appear on the show’s 100th episode, which is tentatively titled “The Mutants are Revolting”. In it, the band is campaigning for mutant rights on behalf of Leela’s parents who are “second-class, mutant citizens who live underground in the sewers.”

Apparently Devo think that is no way to live. No word on whether the protests will be peaceful, but all this begs the question: Where were they when the X-Men needed them?

Don’t worry though. Even though the legendary rockars are playing animated activists in the year 3000, Devo are still focused on the “devolution” of the human race. In fact bassist Jerry Casale recently elaborated on his band’s role in society.

“We’re not the guys who freak people out and scare them,” he said, “We’re like the house band on the Titanic, entertaining everybody as we go down.”

Well that’s assuring. If you can’t make it out to see the band live, then tune in to Comedy Central when Futurama celebrates its 100th episode on September 2nd.


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