DJ Hero 2 announced; includes Kanye West, Metallica, Lady Gaga

Not all of us want to be rock stars, guitar gods, drum phenoms, or…bass players. Some of us just want to cold lamp behind some decks with a hoodie and headphones and spin it for the kids on the floor. DJ Hero, Activision’s foray into mix-master simulation, lets the gamer feel like DJ Shadow (or be DJ Shadow) while trying to remix Tears For Fears with Eric B, “Day n’ Nite” with “Boom Boom Pow”, and hundreds of others. Due in no small part to its success and accolades the first installment received last year, Activision has announced DJ Hero 2, filled with a grab-bag of soon to be mashed-up artists including Dr. Dre, The Chemical Brothers, Kanye West, Metallica, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and over 85 others (via MTV Multiplayer). The game will be released this Fall for Xbox360, PS3, and Wii.

Most notably, the press release emphasizes increased multiplayer support and vocal integration. “DJ Hero 2 will deliver the ultimate way for players to come together and party with a host of new multiplayer modes–including DJ Battles that pit DJ against DJ in mixes produced specifically for battle gameplay–and invite vocalists into the spotlight with integrated on-screen singing and rapping of lyrics and rhymes.” The game will be available as a party bundle, which will include a copy of the game, two turntables and a microphone.

Beck joke.

As an added bonus for all you Xbox 360 readers, you can download a remix of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” and Deadmau5’s “Ghosts N’ Stuff” on Xbox live for free until June 14th. You can access the link here. The tune will be featured on DJ Hero 2 as one of the playable tracks.


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