Eminem rolls, lands best sales week of 2010

Eminem is doing a different kind of rolling these days. The 37-year-old’s “fresh-outta-rehab” disc – Recovery – is expected to sell over 600,000 copies and will debut on top of the Billboard Top 200. It’s his sixth consecutive number one album and gives Marhsall Mathers the biggest sales week of the year. While final figures aren’t in, Em is already a lock to move more copies than Sade’s Soldier of Love and Drake’s highly anticipated number one debut, Thank Me Later.

The news comes as a surprise considering Recovery leaked a full two weeks ahead of it’s release date, but is a testament to Eminem’s marketability. Despite breaking into the scene on the back of the shocking rhymes and unmistakable flow on The Slim Shady LP – his only album to fall short of the number one spot – everyone from hip-hop heads to our own mothers make it out to stores to buy Eminem records.

In fact, only the King of Pop can compete with the numbers Detroit’s great white hope is putting up. This time last year, Michael Jackson – who died a year ago today – had the three best selling albums in the United States with “Number Ones,” “The Essential Michael Jackson,” and “Thriller” all selling a combined 311,000 copies.

If you still can’t get enough of Eminem, you can catch him tonight on The Late Show with David Letterman where he’ll preview his upcoming mini-tour with a rooftop performance alongside another one of the game’s best selling artists – Jay-Z.

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