Glee takes on Beck’s “Loser”

Regardless of what you think of Glee, its impact on the music business is undeniable. Last year, the cast charted 25 singles on Billboards’s Hot 100, and the show is responsible for over 2 million iTunes downloads.

It’s definitely a guilty pleasure, and the only reason to sit through American Idol is to avoid missing an episode. However, anyone who skipped the latest episode missed out on the cast taking on a classic. But don’t fret. We’ve got the video here and, by all accounts, you didn’t miss much.

While we’re not exactly Gleeks here at CoS, it is entertaining to watch the cast perform their (sometimes wince-inducing) versions of some of the most popular songs of our generation. Here are all the gory details from this week’s episode:

While Puck and Finn – who are played by Mark Salling and Cory Monteith, respectively – slave away at what looks like a Bed, Bath & Beyond, they decide to break out into their own version of Beck’s 1996 hit, “Loser”. Depending on your level of sobriety, their efforts were either laughable or barely tolerable.

Monteith looks like a pro while using a broom to play air guitar, but Salling gives a cringe-worthy performance with his slide and acoustic. Watching the boys lip-synch their own vocals is funny, and thankfully their co-workers eventually join in for one big, happy chorus. For better or worse, the song gets cut off before they really get a chance to blow it out.

We’d like to see them take on something from Sea Change, but check out the video yourself and decide if it’s good. If you like what you see, then grab your earmuffs and tune in for Tuesday’s season finale when the glee club does their version of Journey’s “Faithfully”.

Image via Fox.


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