jj to give debut album proper release

It seems like a lifetime ago, but at the beginning of March, Swedish pop outfit jj released its second full-length album of hipster world music as seen through the eyes of timeless pop, titled jj n° 3. While this didn’t gain the notoriety of its predecessor, it did gain a significant amount of attention based on the quality of the debut. Because of the Internet, people’s music collections hide the fact that  jj n° 2 (yes, the one with the cannabis leaf on the cover) was never given a proper worldwide release , a reality that is about to be mended.

Secretly Canadian is helping out Swedish indie label Sincerely Yours to make the remarkable genre-crosser available in all the formats you used to love. CD? Yep. Vinyl? Mmhmm. Even Digital MP3? Well, you probably have that already, but sure, they are releasing it that way, too. The re-release will be available on August 3rd in North America, just in time to provide a cool breeze for the hot summer.

To get you pumped, a special song from the same recording session, called ”Baby”, is now available for free download, though it will not be added to the re-release. Yeah, Christmas in June, I know….

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