Kanye West makes live return at Stay in School concert

Now that he’s got some super “Power”, Kanye West is beginning to emerge from his half-year-plus seclusion.

On the same day that he released the first single off his forthcoming/must-buy LP Good Ass Job, the Chicago rapper also delivered his first live performance since last year. West, along with fellow Chicagoans Common and Lupe Fiasco, performed a short set at the Farragut Career Academy last night. According to USA Today, the school is one of three the musicians are visiting to reward students for improving their grade point averages, attendance and behavior.

West erformed four songs, including “Run This Town”, “Good Life”, “Touch the Sky”, and “Power”, which marked the first-ever public performance of the new single. Cameras were prohibited from the event, but if any video surfaces, we’ll be sure to post it here.

Meanwhile, a snippet of another new track from Good Ass Job, a collaboration between West and Rick Ross titled “Monster”, has also since surfaced. You can preview it here.

And in non-music news, Kanye turned 33 on Monday. His birthday present? Some dude stole his $133,000 Porsche Panamera and crashed it into a multi-million dollar home in Honolulu, reports the New York Daily News. Karma’s a bitch?


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