Kanye West makes "Power"ful return at BET Awards

It’s going to take some serious heavyweight competition to knock Kanye West‘s “Power” from out of 2010 Songs of the Year lists. Hell, distraught missives have already been written to Kanye regarding the track. But there’s no denying its sway. The track explodes with its pivotal sample of King Crimson and production that harkens back to Graduation, and its introspection and near academic analysis of fame’s havoc on himself only strengthens its staying power. Kanye dug deep and found gold.

Live at the BET awards last night, Kanye unveiled his first public performance of “Power” (via Some Kind Of Awesome.) Honestly, we couldn’t have asked for anything more (except maybe for the guy running the censor button to be a little less judicious.) Placed atop a volcano, Kanye grabs the mic from the stand and not unlike Moses, lays down the law from on high. His grounded performance is filled with confidence and energy; he’s literally moving mountains. Though, is he copping Flavor Flav with that neckl–no matter. Ye is back. Check it out below.

The next bit of information is this: Good Ass Job has a release date, and it’s none other than our good friend September 14th. You might as well grab a red Sharpie and circle that date more furiously than that girl from The Ring, because that date also features releases from Of MontrealGrindermanBlack MountainKid CudiThe WalkmenLes Savy FavBlonde Redhead, and Brandon Flowers. Ask off work, because you got a lot of absorbing to do.

Now, other than headlining South Korea based Summer Week&T 2010, how about some more tour dates, Mr. West?


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