Kim Hiorthøy debuts new project, album

Kim Hiorthøy, the Swedish electronic musician/man of many crafts, has banded together with three fellow Scandinavian performance artists for a new album. He originally joined fellow Swedes Louise Peterhoff and Lisa Östberg, along with Kristiina Viiala of Finland, to work on a performance art piece called “The Potato Country”. After that was up, they decided they liked each other so much they’d form a band. The product of this bonding is called Drivan.

The new group’s debut album, Disko, is set for release August 18th on Smalltown Supersound. The band spent 2008 and 2009 in southern Sweden and Stockholm writing and recording the music, which is trippy yet folksy. As a matter of fact, check it out for yourself — SoundCloud is hosting a free mp3 of Drivan’s, which can be streamed or downloaded below. The song sounds a little bit like something off of Jónsi Birgisson’s solo album, but with none of that singing-in-English business, so you can still feel cultured listening to this stuff.

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