London label to release EP featuring Thom Yorke, Gorillaz guitarist remixes

There’s been a bit of a lull in Thom Yorke news lately. Radiohead’s drummer took a slice of the spotlight yesterday, offering the most interesting Radiohead news in months. Of course, the weight of the world is balanced such that when there’s Phil Selway news, Yorke news is practically mandated to soon follow.

Yorke’s been appearing on all sorts of projects, contributing vocals to Flying Lotus’ album and doing mixing work on a Major Lazer EP. You may have also heard about a remix he did for Cortical Songs, a CD released in 2009 featuring compositions by Nick Ryan and John Matthias, as well as Trinity College of Music’s String Ensemble.

According to Fact Mag, that CD’s London label NonClassical is releasing an EP featuring the Yorke “Neuron Trigger Mix”, as well as other remixes of the work. Other contributors include Gorillaz/The Verve/The Good, The Bad & The Queen/Blur guitarist Simon Tong and The Beta Band’s John Maclean, plus a host of others. It’s not clear how many tracks will be on the EP, and NonClassical has not yet announced a release date. It is unclear if and/or how the release will differentiate from the previously released full-length version of the album.

Cortical Songs involved Ryan and Matthias’ “research into rhythms and timbres derived from neuronal models of the human brain.” They were intrigued by the rhythms created by firing neurons, and recorded a work inspired by such “cortical songs.”


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