Metric, Cee-Lo to play in live Twilight webcast tonight

There’s no doubt that the Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack is like way stacked with incredible bands. But, I can’t help but think that someone just ran a google search using various buzz words that vaguely coincide with themes from the movie to come up with many of the bands on the soundtrack: “band +vampire”, “band +bat”, “band +black”, “band +dead”, “band +2010 Boston Celtics”. Anyhow, Eastern Conference Champions, Metric, and Cee-Lo will perform live in a soundtrack streaming event held at 98.7FM studios in Los Angeles tonight  starting at 6PM PST (via The Audio Perv). No details as to how much “performing” vs. “streaming live event” you will get, but either way you can tune in to the party at or at

Also, you got a question you’ve been dying to ask Cee-Lo? Wanna just tell Emily Haines from Metric how cute she is? Or maybe you’d rather annoy ECC with questions about whether it was ultimatelty Kendrick Perkins’ absence which led to the Lakers dominating the boards in Game 7 to finally best the Celtics? You can submit your questions to the bands via the official Eclipse Soundtrack website and perchance they’ll be answered on air.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack is available at Starbucks and everywhere now, and its cinematic counterpart is nationwide June 30th.


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