Michael Jackson: The Game due out this Christmas

With new renditions of DJ Hero and Rock Band on the horizon, you wouldn’t think there would be much room for another video game focused on the fake-playing some of your favorite music. But there is and it centers around none other than the late King of Pop.

According to Kotaku, video game developer Ubisoft is gearing up for the release of Michael Jackson: The Game this holiday season. Though details are still forthcoming, a company spokesperson says the game puts the players in the shoes of Jackson and enables them to relive his most iconic performances through singing and dancing. “Beat It” and “Billy Jean” are among the confirmed tracks.

“Michael always pushed every limit when it came to technology to give his fans unforgettable entertainment experiences, whether it involved his videos, his recordings or his concerts. Now, with this interactive product, we have the chance to bring Michael, the artist, into households around the world in a perfect match of Michael’s artistry and the family entertainment which he always highly valued,” said John Branca, co-executor for The Estate of Michael Jackson.

This is not the first time Michael Jackson has been the subject of a video game. He starred in Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker and made appearances in Sega games Space Channel 5 and Space Channel 5: Part 2. There were also reports last March that a new video game would be released alongside a new album and other re-released works later this year. It is not known if those projects are related.

One way or another, however, virtual moon walks will commence when the game hits stores later this years. XBox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, and DS versions are all planned.


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