My Morning Jacket guitarist to release new solo LP in August

So many people make solo albums that have no business doing so. That’s why it’s a breath of fresh air when a respected musician that doesn’t always receive his fair slice of the spotlight (mad respect, Phil Selway) decides to show us what he’s got. My Morning Jacket lead guitarist Carl Broemel is the latest to do this, upon announcing his second solo album.

All Birds Say is set for release August 31st on ATO Records. While it doesn’t sound like we can expect anything vastly different from My Morning Jacket, the record promises to hold some intrigue. A press release describes the album as a “dream-like stream of consciousness with lush and elegant arrangements.” These arrangements, still in keeping with the MMJ folk-rock style, were apparently created using everything from a vibraphone to an autoharp. And Broemel’s father, formerly of the Indianapolis Symphony, helps out with baritone sax, clarinet, and bassoon duties. The album will include vocal pieces and instrumental work, including the title track.

“To me, making records is like alchemy,” said Broemel in a statement. “It’s something that no one can ever perfect, but you have an insatiable desire to keep doing it and get better at it.  I really believe that everything we experience contributes to what we do next, so this album is really a result of all the records and tours I’ve done so far.”

Lyrically, we can expect All Birds Say to be an introspective singer-songwriter type deal. Says Broemel: “Where do you start?  Or where do you stop?  And how do you reconcile the things you do versus the things you don’t?  It’s something I’m constantly thinking about.  I think there’s a lot of trying to be aware of what you’re doing now versus dwelling on things or worrying about what’s gonna happen later.  A lot of the songs are really just me talking to myself, trying to make sense of things in my head.”

For an early preview, download the album track “Heaven Knows” below. And you can, of course, see Broemel playing with his main outfit on tour this summer.

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“Heaven Knows”


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