Of Montreal details new album, False Priest

Ok, seriously, September 14th is getting downright insane. As we mentioned yesterday, when Brandon Flowers’ announced the release date for Flamingo, the second Tuesday in September will see the release of seven albums on our list of 35 worth buying in the coming months. Well, you can make it eight.

That’s because Of Montreal decided September 14th would be the perfect date to unveil its tenth studio album, False Priest, to the general public. The record will be distributed by Polyvinyl.

What we already knew is that the followup to 2008’s Skeletal Lamping hears the Athens, Georgia indie rockers teamed up with producer Jon Brion (Fionna Apple, Kanye West) and features guest spots from Solange Knowles and Janelle Monáe. There are also promises from frontman Kevin Barnes that the record exhibits a “thick R&B influence,” resulting in “a lot of very dancey, very funky songs.”

Now, compliments of Pitchfork, we can also tell you that it will feature 13 tracks, led by single number one “Coquet Coquette”, all of which were recorded in Apollinaire Rave studio in Athens, Georgia and re-recorded, mixed, and engineered at Ocean Way Recording in Los Angeles. (Fun fact: Ocean Way Studios is where the Beach Boys cut “Good Vibrations”.) To your above right, you’ll find the album’s artwork, which was created by Apollinaire Rave’s David Barnes ( Barnes’ brother) and Gemini Tactics (Kevin’s wife, Nina Barnes).

For an early preview, grab the aforementioned “Coquet Coquette” as a free digital download here. Album pre-orders are also now ongoing.

False Priest Tracklist:
01. I Feel Ya’ Strutter
02. Our Riotous Defects (feat. Janelle Monáe)
03. Coquet Coquette
04. Godly Intersex
05. Enemy Gene (feat. Janelle Monáe)
06. Hydra Fancies
07. Like a Tourist
08. Sex Karma (feat. Solange Knowles)
09. Girl Named Hello
10 Famine Affair
11. Casualty of You
12. Around the Way
13. You Do Mutilate?


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