Prince to release new album via newspaper… again

As Prince furthers his illustrious career, he continues to challenge the concepts of ‘popular’ music. Marketable name – a symbol will do! Likeness usage – lawsuit worthly! Record sales – so 2000s! And still, or maybe because of, the Minnesotan entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004 and recently garnered BET’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

On July 10th, Prince will once again make news — yes, he’s done this thing once before — by releasing his upcoming album 20ten through the Belgium newspaper Het Nieuwsblad. According to other international newspaper distribution deals may follow. Billboard reports the August edition of Germany’s Rolling Stone, available June 22nd, will include the release as well. But, according to the reports, the 10-track album will not have a regular release at retail or via download in these countries. Prince’s record label, Warner Bros., will distribute the CD in all locations where a newspaper release is not expected, like the US. Prince and Warner Bros. also reportedly discussed alternative releases. Maybe a live Prince DVD release lies in the future?

No information has currently been released regarding a US release date, or possible tour, so we’ll keep close watch and provide you with more details as they surface. And to our friends in Belgium – if we send a self-addressed stamped envelope, can we get a copy? The German track listing follows, presumably these tracks will be released worldwide.

20ten Tracklist:
01. Compassion
02. Beginning Endlessly
03. Future Soul Song
04. Sticky Like Glue
05. Lavaux
06. Act of God
07. Walk in Sand
08. Sea of Everything
09. Everybody Loves Me
10. Der unbetitelte Bonus Track


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