Public Enemy has an opinion on Arizona

Well, because I have said enough about this issue, I will let Chuck D’s words about his new song introduce this story for themselves:

“Yeah, because the governor is a Hitler… Things do change from time to time but it goes right back into just proving that it wants to be something else. ‘Tear Down That Wall’ is something that has its own life. It’s not that you’re doing anything to be opportunistic. I talked about the wall not only just dividing the U.S. and Mexico but the states of California, New Mexico and Texas. But Arizona, it’s like, come on. Now they’re going to enforce a law that talks about basically racial profiling.”

This is what the Public Enemy rapper told is his second major dispute with the state’s racial policies. Of course, Arizona also famously refusesd to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday as a holiday, something Public Enemy took issue with and made known through the song “By The Time I Get To Arizona”. Now, Chuck D is releasing “Tear Down The Wall” in an effort to show solidarity for racial issues with anyone who is oppressed by them. You can listen to the track here.

And while Chuck D is beloved for his political views and willingness to speak his mind, he is also known for the music of Public Enemy. The seminal rap group still expects to release their new, fan-funded album in 2011, as previously reported. The record has 75% of the funding it sought and is set to feature Tom Morello and Rise Against.


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