Roger Daltrey speaks on future of The Who

Some of us Coachella die-hards were mildly depressed at the news that The Who was originally slated to headline this year’s festival, as well as the following week’s New Orleans Jazz Festival in April, but chose to focus on writing instead. Then we, and the rest of the world, became even more depressed when Pete Townshend announced that 40 years of being one of the loudest rock bands in existence had taken its toll on his ears, raising questions about The Who’s future.

As it turns out, The Who is very much alive and well. AsThe Who’s website points out, Kevin Yeanoplos of Tucson Concerts Examiner sat down with the singer after a recent show in Tucson, and apparently tinnitus has not claimed Townshend’s career. While Daltrey would not touch upon the subject of new music (“That’s Pete’s department”), he was very transparent in response to a question about the general status of the band — it hasn’t gone anywhere, said Daltrey, “as far as we’re both concerned.”

The band is simply on hiatus as Daltrey and Townshend learn to use the protective equipment necessary for Townshend to perform again. Keep your eyes (and ears, God willing) open for The Who’s live return. But for now, read the rest of the interview, which covers an array of topics, right here.


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