Ryan Adams details forthcoming Cardinals III/IV

As you have noticed based on recent Facebook comments and metal releases, Ryan Adams is once again engaged in the world of music and, as any of his fans can tell you, that could mean anything from your standard, run-of-the-mill alt-folk album and a reunion with The Cardinals to Orion and nightly YouTube uploads featuring what happens when Ryan Adams gets bored. Basically, it all depends on how the acclaimed singer/songwriter is feeling.

Currently, that feeling appears to be one of nostalgia — or, at least, reliving some of his previously recorded efforts that have never seen the light of day. Along with plans to release the pre-Easy Tiger record known as Blackhole, Adams has also announced intentions to finally unearth Cardinals III/IV, a double album that was originally recorded by him and his band The Cardinals in 2006. Over the last 24 hours, Adams has further detailed the effort, both offering an image of the vinyl press and taking to the fan forum Ryan Adams Archive to provide some additional insight.

According to Adams, Cardinals III/IV will consist of 20 tracks, all of which were written by him. He describes the album, which he says was the “first record I made when I got off the booze and the drugs,” as “basically a rock record but not a punk record and not a record like [2003’s Rock N’ Roll]… it’s rock like Cardinals rock and not at all jammy.” He continues by proclaiming that it hears The Cardinals at their peak and even goes as far to say it “sounds the best of any record we made.”

Despite its high praise, however, the album has yet to receive a formal release. Adams blames the band’s other endeavors during that time — namely the release of Easy Tiger in 2006 — as the reason why.

“I think one of the hardest things for the band was making this and not backing this. We were ready to tell these stories but like all Cards adventures they were soon followed by more playing writing and touring and we got sidelined by making that mellow classic Easy Tiger. Also that is what the label wanted. I think we just assumed as a band that we would make Easy Tiger, it would go unnoticed and wham back to the III/IV record we would go. Fate was not interested in that story,” Adams explained.

Adams gave no timetable for the album’s release, but did note he hopes to get the “final mastered tracks sent over to the office tonight.” He also confirmed that, unlike Orion, Cardinals III/IV will be released digitally as well as on vinyl.

Of the tracks included — at least according to the aforementioned image of the vinyl press — will be “Breakdown/Resolve”. While your waiting for more details, check out a live cut of the song below.

And if you needed any more Adams nuggets, we should note that he also appears to be working on new music, as in stuff not recorded four years ago. As Relix points out, Adams has been recently writing and recording in both New Orleans and Los Angeles and noted he was particularly inspired following Ronnie James Dio’s memorial last month. What’s more, he left a comment on his Facebook page last week reading “New music is coming along great.”

Yeah, so basically, that music-free honeymoon is over.


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