Ryan Adams drops new “crap”-y music on MySpace

After a brief pause following his marriage to Mandy Moore, it appears Ryan Adams is back to being Ryan Adams, aka the prolific musician who appears to defy the concept of sleep in an effort to record more songs than there are seconds in a day.

Our latest examples come in the form of four new tracks Adams has uploaded on his MySpace account, which now sports the moniker “MySpace Is Crap.” Appropriately enough, the material in question totally lives up to the aforementioned title, meaning it’s not anywhere close to being quality music. But because we’re pretty sure Adams never intended it to be — after all, he did title the songs “Mister Bananas”, “Rats”, “Drunk as a Pile of Fuck”, and “Dear Burger King”, plus the lyrics are equally hilariously awful — and because even at it’s worse, any Ryan Adams material still proves to be a captivating listen, we still think you’ll want to check it out. So. Click. Here. Now.


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