Stereolab offers new music despite hiatus

Stereolab belongs to a select number of of bands that you’ve heard of and know they are important, influential, and revered long before you ever hear any of their music; Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Guided By Voices, and others make up this league. It’s music that is not the most accessible for you young people, but it is waiting for you when you are ready. And, when you’re ready, you’ll love it. Fortunately for those who have already consumed all the tunes that these groups have to offer, many still remain active, either as solo artists or in their original form.

Thus a new album from Stereolab may not excite everyone, but considering the fact that they are indefinite hiatus, we have to enjoy this one as it might be our last.  Not Music (don’t worry, we’re pretty sure it is music) is a collection of new material that was recorded in 2008 during the Chemical Chords sessions. As for the hiatus, this doesn’t mark an end to it, as lead Laetitia Sadler is focusing on her solo record, a to-be-titled affair that Drag City is releasing September 21st. (P4K)

Not Music will be in stores on November 16th and Stereolab’s entire catalog, or at least Emperor Tomato Ketchup for God’s sake, are available at record stores today, tomorrow, and indefinitely.


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