The Avalanches almost finished with second album

Unlike Dr. Dre or Guns N’ Roses, The Avalanches actually have good reason for delaying their “new” album for a decade (or more, in GNR’s case). The mash-up group’s first album Since I Left You was delayed due to sample clearance (it used about 3,500 of them), and the followup has undergone its share of similar problems, the largest being that it was in danger of never coming out. This has been heartbreaking for fans, who have no idea whether The Avalanches are modern geniuses or one-album wonders, or both.

The band’s webmaster Clint has announced an end to the wait, however (via Clash). He wrote a message which basically pins any further delays on Ariel Pink, most recently known as the vocalist for noisy lo-fi band Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. The message reads: “I hear Ariel Pink is recording some guest vocals for it and once those are done, the album will be finished (!).” Both Ariel Pink and The Avalanches have the whole avant-garde thing going for them, so this collab is unique, to say the least.

Feel free to replace 95 percent of these albums with the new Avalanches album, because unless Clint is talking out of his ass (a possibility) or Ariel Pink is a remarkably slow worker, this thing should be out soon enough. They’re out of excuses, for one thing.


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