The Psychedelic Furs get nostalgic in Chicago (6/11)

There is no denying that nostalgia sells, and The Psychedelic Furs‘ sold out June 11th show hit the jackpot (of sorts) by grooving down memory lane. Fans, both young and old, packed into Chicago’s Metro to jam along to the hits they have (somehow) grown to love.

Survivors of  the late-seventies English punk scene, Psychedielic Furs, made international waves in the mid-eighties with pop hits like “Love My Way” and  “Heartbreak Beat”. But the Furs are probably best known for the John Hughes’ classic Pretty in Pink, one of the most beloved teen flicks of the 80’s – remember Ducky? – where they provided the fittingly titled theme song “Pretty in Pink” to the platinum-selling soundtrack.

Singer Richard Butler, who pranced and wiggled around the stage, worked his mojo as he leaned into the crowd shaking the hands of his adoring fans. A bouquet of roses were tossed onto the stage, and Butler, like a veteran pro, stuck the arrangement into his mic stand before shimmying to the opposite end of the stage while belting out the chorus to “Ghost in You”.

The band delivered the classics, the audience squealed with delight, but I couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgic myself. Ducky grew up to be the uptight downer in Two and a Half Men, as The Psychedelic Furs continued to play on.

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