Them Crooked Vultures guitarist Alain Johannes Sparks a solo career

You might recognize the name Alain Johannes due to his recent work as touring guitarist for Them Crooked Vultures, but he’s got a formidable résumé that also includes work with Queens of the Stone Age, Chris Cornell, Mark Lanegan, and Spinnerette. This summer, he’ll further look to make a name for himself by trying his hand at a solo album. Josh Homme’s Rekords Rekords label, newly merged with Dangerbird Records, is releasing Johannes’ first album, Spark, on August 31st.

Johannes produced, wrote, sang, and played on the record, which is a tribute of sorts to his late wife Natasha Shneider, who also fronted his band Eleven. In fact, lead single “Endless Eyes”, which you can download below, was written specifically for a show in her honor in 2008.

It won’t necessarily be the straightforward rock and roll you’ll hear from Homme’s projects; the album will contain traces of classical, flamenco, and Indian music as well as the expected rock sensibility.

Sparks is the first album that will be released under the new Dangerbird/Rekords Rekords partnership. And Homme couldn’t be happier. According to the TCV/QotSA vocalist, Alain’s record is the total embodiment of what the label [Rekords Rekords] stands for—the war against endorsing mediocrity and the uncensored attempt to take a leap off the musical cliff.”

In the more immediate future, Homme and Johannes will be doing benefit shows with TCV for recently-cancer-stricken Eagles of Death Metal bassist Brian O’Connor.

Sparks is due out August 31st via Rekords Rekords.

Check Out:
“Endless Eyes”


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