Watch: Alex Trebek auto-tunes "Jeopardy!"

A big tip of the hat to Alex Trebek today, as he officially made the auto-tune era jump the fucking shark . On Jeopardy!, Trebek revealed a category entitled “Alex Meets Auto-Tune” in which the contestants would guess what traditional song Alex sang with the help of our former friend Auto-Tune, R.I.P. (via Billboard). The contestants stifle their laughter as they rattle off the answers/questions. I will say those beats under those songs are mad fly, especially “Go Down, Moses” and “Oh, Danny Boy”. Someone get Yeasayer and Four-Tet on the phone cause we got some material for ya’ll to remix. Check out the video below.

So, as we mourn and celebrate the true death of auto-tune, I can’t help but think about all the good times we had. From Cher to Kanye to Bon Iver, from Auto-Tune The News to T-Pain’s Auto-Tune App. Hmm, maybe you will be missed.

Oh alright, one more time for the memories.


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