Watch: Bad Lieutenant’s “Twist of Fate”

The choice of Bad Lieutenant to release “Twist of Fate” as its second single seems laughably appropriate given the three-some’s inability to perform in the States. Originally released on the band’s October 2009 debut, Never Cry Another Tear, Bernarnd Sumner sings, “My hopes that once were so high/Were crushed and broken.” Incidentally foreshadowing the sentiments felt by New Order/Joy Division fans upon the November (2009) and April (2010) news that Bad Lieutenant’s US shows were indefinitely canceled.

Bad Lieutenant decided to provide fans with an emotional band-aid, a contest to create the “official” video for “Twist of Fate”. Despite this fact, Steven Young was commissioned to create a video for the same single. In the end, Bad Lieutenant has decided to release both videos. I guess given the trio’s history, it must always be considering a back-up plan. Thanks to Slicing up Eyeballs, both videos can be viewed below, each ranking pretty high on the “creepy” factor. As the contest winner, Warner Brown (video #1) blends filtered live-concert footage with directed black-and-white military footage. Young (video #2) went the route of Team America World Police, creating an outer-space world for lip-synching marionettes.

Bad Lieutenant has yet to reschedule missed U.S. performances. While fans in New York, Chicago, and California await these shows, others fear the natural disasters an announcement may cause: hurricanes on Long Island, a September blizzard in Chicago, or catastrophic smog in LA. As always, as news becomes available we’ll keep you updated.


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