Watch: Gorillaz – “On Melancholy Hill”

Though the real Gorillaz — aka those animated cartoons, virtual band members, holograms, or however else you define them — have yet to make a live appearance since the release of their third LP Plastic Beach (the Damon Albarn-led “replacement” band has filled in at all their live performances to date), Murdoc and co. continue to hammer away at the publicity front. After sharing an exclusive remix with CoS last week, the band has returned with a brand new music video of its latest single, “On Melancholy Hill”.

Compliments of Some Kind of Awesome!, you can check out the video below. As you’ll see, it basically details how the band discovered its Plastic Beach hideaway, plus it features some animated cameos from the album’s collaborators, which far and away is the biggest highlight.

“On Melancholy Hill”, the video, will be released on iTunes tomorrow. The digital single will be available starting July 26th. We’re going to guess Alan Moore, who recently revealed he has dropped out of the Gorillaz’s opera project, won’t be picking up a copy.

On Melancholy Hill


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