Watch: Jennie Arnau – “Bouncing Ball” (CoS Premiere)

The point of a video is to take a song and give it visuals that enhance and further drive home the emotion and message of the track itself. Whether it’s The Beatles being chased by a gaggle of crazed girls or every rapper in the world taking over some anonymous nightclub, visuals go a long way to adding reality to the song. But what if the video and the song don’t really seem to match up as well? Can they still have a successful marriage? In the case of Grassroots singer-songwriter Jennie Arnau‘s “Bouncing Ball”, the answer is a resounding yes.

With animation done by GrumpyFILMS, Inc., the homemade-looking effort features the scariest looking eggplant figurine in the world courting his love from a window. In a case of ever-escalating and borderline ACME-inspired feats to get to her, the grapefruit tries his damndest to make that one important connection in life: love. We won’t spoil the ending, but let’s just say even mutant grapefruit get to be happy.

Now imagine this wacky, nigh-absurdist “cartoon” play out to the soundtrack of folky, alt-country acoustic rock. It’s a huge disconnect if there ever was one, but that’s surface level stuff at best.   Arnau’s husky voice and great lyricism make for a telling story full of highs and lows. Plus, the song’s light feel and rhythmic nature could make any visual pop to the sweet sounds of slide guitar.

Arnau’s new album, Chasing Giants, is available now on MRI.


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