Watch: John Hancock – “Not Scared At All” (CoS Premiere)

John Hancock, of Awesome New Republic fame, has a solo album that’s out now. With it, he’s done something kind of novel: he’s printed his album, Antenna Death, on recycled vinyl and given each copy a handmade sleeve. What seems like a neat factoid of little consequence speaks volumes about the album and his recycling of influences from Beck to Simple Minds to Funkadelic. His DIY effort is best encapsulated with the video for “Not Scared At All”.

The simple handycam shot follows Hancok on what can only be described as the longest walk ever. From a vaguely urban surrounding complete with haggard dogs to the scenic beach and through a deep, dark jungle, Hancock’s outing has got itself the perfect trekking music. Heavy on the tribal drumming, the track is like a less sweeping and epic version of an Animal Collective song, focusing more on a rich, organic beat that best portrays the journey from a gritty reality of looped rhythms to the jungle beats of an island paradise.

Antenna Death is out now via 10K Islands/St. Ives.


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