Watch: Lady Gaga – “Alejandro”

Give credit where credit is due. Lady Gaga is one hell of an entertainer. She has not only managed to squeeze something like 10 hits out of two albums — one of which wasn’t really supposed to be an album at alll — and scored a much anticipated headlining spot at this year’s Lollapalooza, but music’s biggest act is also the creator of what have been some of the most elaborate and expensive music videos to see light in some time.

The latest and greatest example comes in the form of Gaga’s newly unveiled video for the song “Alejandro”. Albeit not as much of a “Hollywood production” as “Telephone”, the eight-minute clip does have a whole lot going on, including a tribute to Madonna and some NFSW dance moves. All of this and more comes together to form what Gaga describes as a “celebration of love and appreciation for the gay community.”

I could of course come up with a lot more to describe this thing, but, when dealing with Gaga’s epicness, I’ve learned the best description is no description at all. Instead, take it in with your own eyes and ears below.


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