Watch: New OK Go video, "End Love"

It’s no surprise that you can’t turn off an OK Go music video. Whether it’s the “how’d they do that?” question or the “this is the cleverest thing ever!” comment, or maybe you even like the actual song, you’re hooked and you’re telling your friends. Those treadmill-dancing and Rube-Goldberg constructing power pop gems go from viral to pandemic in a matter of days. Chapter 3 in the OK Go clever music video saga is the time-lapse laden “End Love” (via EW).

We find our heroes in Echo Park [**is that Echo Park? Confirmation from someone who lives in LA?**] in pastel sweat suits, stretching out for a morning jog. Then time becomes but putty in OK Go’s able hands. There’s also geese. Check it out below.

You can also download the video for free at OK Go’s website. And apparently, since they are no longer under the auspices of Capital/EMI, they are so excited about the prospect of a free download they’ve created a Facebook contest to encourage such behavior. Go on, now. Start re-tweeting.


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