Watch Out: Phish on Fallon… again.

We’ve been piling on the praise for Jimmy Fallon’s musical guests lately, but last night’s show as a little bit disappointing.

Sure, Phish took the stage at studio 6B in New York City for the second time in a month, but seeing Ice Cube kill it with The Roots two weeks ago makes last night’s performance of “Kill Devil Falls” from their 2009 – “I’m finally sober” – album, Joy, seem kind of… blah. UPDATE: This was recorded on the same night Phish was on Fallon for Stones week, therefore Dr. John was already sitting in with The Roots.  We still wish Jigga would’ve shown, though. (Thanks Mo & Chris)

We’re probably just spoiled and cynical, or maybe we need more drugs, but the possibilities could’ve been endless. These are some of the most technically adept musicians in mainstream music today. Couldn’t Anastasio & Co. joined Questlove’s crew for a head to head battle?

You have two of the best live bands out there, starting at each other from across the room, and no one could put anything noteworthy to tape? Could you imagine Black Thought going toe-to-toe with one of the happiest hippies on earth?

Too bad Jay-Z is in Tennessee, because we would’ve paid an arm and a leg to see Hov join the band like he did at Coney Island for Phish’s farewell tour in 2004.

Oh well, there’s always next week. Broken Social Scene, Blitzen Trapper, and The Gaslight Anthem are all coming to rock Fallon. For now, check out Phish’s performance of “Kill Devil Falls” yourself, then compare it to the Jay-Z collabo. Let us know what you think.

“Kill Devil Falls” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

“99 Problems” & “Big Pimpin” w/ Jay-Z in 2004


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