Watch: Snoop Dogg takes a trip to Bon Temps with "Oh Sookie"

Like a way more direct version of some Beatles’ lyrics, the rhymes in Snoop Dogg‘s “Gangsta Love” gave the listener insight into a greater truth. And while this one doesn’t involve whacked-out conspiracy theories, the man from LBC made it clear that he is a fan of True Blood. That love continues to grow in weird, wondrous ways in his new song “Oh Sookie”, courtesy of VideoGum.

In a sadly Anna Paquin-free video, Snoop and his dancers get down in front of a few choice scenes, including a replica of Merlotte’s. If you didn’t listen to the words, and save for a few shots, this could be any other rap video. But oh, the magic to be found in the lyrics. With lines like “Leave a stain on your brain, can a Dogg get some love, won’t trick you like Eric and make you drink blood” and the equally as deep, “Bill ain’t for real, he ain’t true blood, Snoop is a G, I smoke true bud“, it’s clear that Snoop has seen a few episodes. And the faux-R&B beat makes for one sexy love letter, especially when the Doggfather raps to a projected image of the effervescent Ms. Stackhouse. So good it’s bad, so bad it’s good. Fangs a lot, Snoop.

Love the song? Catch Snoop at this year’s Rock The Bells and several European festival dates, including Glastonbury. Between this song and guesting on Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”, Snoop better keep his pimp hand strong if he doesn’t want his ghetto pass revoked.


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