Watch: Vampire Weekend plays “Holiday”, talks commas on Colbert

If you want any evidence as to how popular Vampire Weekend has become, look no further than who the New York outfit is hanging out with of late. Just days after jamming onstage with Conan, the indie rockers made a stop at The Colbert Report, where they both underwent the host’s trademark quizzing — namely why they had a beef with the Oxford comma, which led to Colbert busting out a copy of The Elements of Style — and performed the Contra track “Holiday”.

Now I’d be lying if I said that there was anything particularly noteworthy about the band’s appearance. Sure, Colbert’s shtick is funny, but it’s also to be expected. Plus, you usually know what you’re going to get when Vampire Weekend performs live — something that sounds remarkably similar to the record’s original sound. So yeah, you really didn’t miss much, but if you’re still interested in checking out the whole thing, you can do so below:


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