Where We Live: ShowBox at the Market – Seattle, WA

Just off the tourist path of the Pike Place market sits a Seattle music gem. Its walls have surrounded some of Seattle’s – and the world’s – greatest musicians of all time. Its marque has welcomed Seattle concert goers for ages and its dance floor has provided nights out for everyone including ma and pa to distorted guitar lovers and mosh-pit connoisseurs.

But the beautiful art-deco hall is more than a Seattle landmark. It’s a legend. The ShowBox could easily be credited for Seattle making the history books for its rich music background. From 1939, The Showbox has housed jazz, blues, been know for the best dance floor in town, a dime-a-dance joint during World War II and a furniture showcase during the World’s Fair of 1962 to more recently crafting Seattle’s grunge and hip-hop scene.

“It has been everything from a gentleman’s club to a furniture gallery to a Jewish bingo hall,” said Brian McFadin, employee of eight years.

From Duke Ellington to Muddy Waters and the Junior Weels Band to the “Louie Louie” era of the Kingsmen and the Wailers to The Ramones and Pearl Jam, Death Cab for Cutie and Modest Mouse, this venue has morphed  from generation to generation but has always remained an icon.

McFadin says one of his favorite shows was the recent Soundgarden reunion when the band returned to perform for the first time in 13 years in front of the lucky 1,000 fans that were able to get into the surprise show.

The venue currently hosts more than 200 shows per year and provides a home to Seattle’s greatest. The Showbox also opened a second venue close to Seattle’s sport stadiums called Showbox SODO (South of downtown). A converted warehouse turned music venue, the Showbox SODO has hosted some big shows in its short life including MIA, Heart, and Kid Rock.

Both venues have all-ages shows with a bar entrance for those 21 and older.

McFadin says just be sure to get there early to get a good spot…

ShowBox at the Market
1426 1st Ave
Seattle, Washington 98101
(206) 628-3151

To view a complete schedule of upcoming events, click here.


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