Wilco, Coldplay sponsor sports teams

So, most little league sports teams get the local plumber or grocery store to sponsor them. But not the Royals of the Chicago based Warren Park Youth Baseball League, Coach Pitch Division or TMM/Wilco of the Northampton, Massachusetts Little League, Junior Division. Both those teams, as the latter’s name suggests, are sponsored by none other than Chicago alt-rock outfit Wilco, according to Pitchfork.

It turns out though that Jeff Tweedy’s crew isn’t the only high-profile band lending a hand to a team. As Spinner points out, the players of the cricket team Slaughters Utd, who compete in the Gloucestershire County League Fourth Division, play in shirts with “Coldplay” written across the chest, after club secretary Paul Heming wrote to Coldplay bass player Guy Berryman asking for the band’s support and Berryman responded by sending a check for $1,100. And perhaps in a sign of good things to come, in their first game sporting Coldplay-sponsored whites, Slaughters Utd beat their opponents St Phillips North by 69 runs. I guess there’s no slaughter rule in cricket.


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