You Say Party! We Say Die! announces new members, name change

Canadian dance-punk outfit You Say Party! We Say Die! puts on a fun, high-energy show that often involves tons of dancing and copious liters of sweat. But even they’re not immune to tragedy, as in April the band’s drummer, Devon Clifford, died after collapsing on stage due to brain hemorrhage. Now, just a couple months later, the band has responded by announcing a couple new members and a brand new (sort of) name.

The band, which had “taken some time out of the spotlight these last few months to heal, process, reflect and re-evaluate the future of this band,” will now be known simply known as You Say Party. In addition to the tragic loss of Clifford, keyboardist Krista  Loewen departed the band to pursue educational opportunities. Replacing them will be Robert Andow and Bobby Siadat of Vancouver band Gang Violence.

More resolved than ever before, the band promises “a renewed commitment to music and touring.” That promise will first come in the form of a rescheduled European tour, which the band had postponed in the wake of Clifford’s death. Stay tuned for those dates and more You Say Party news.


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