Check Out: 10 minutes of Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack (maybe)

Update: Here’s a shock. Disney confirms the “leaks” are indeed fake.

Minus the annoying laser bikes that played in the background, there wasn’t much not to like about the recently offered six snippets featuring Daft Punk‘s contribution to the forthcoming Tron: Legacy film. Plus, was it just me or was any one else imagining the possibilities of how the legendary electronic duo would translate those sounds into a live performance, which inevitably led to the thinking of why Hans Zimmer should have toured behind The Dark Knight, because that’s thing is fucking brilliant. But I digress.

Back to Daft Punk. The mp3 blog Pretty Much Amazing reports of a YouTube video supposedly featuring 10 minutes worth of new Daft Punk material. This particular material varies greatly from the aforementioned six snippets, consisting of music more on the level of, well, Daft Punk. PMA says the materials is taken from Tron: Legacy‘s soundtrack, while the snippets come from Tron: Legacy‘s score.

Now, before we continue, let’s note that, as of today, we have never reported that Daft Punk is creating both the score and the soundtrack — yes, they’re two different thing — for the film. As best we can tell, via a Google search, the rest of the Internet hasn’t really either. PMA reports, however, that Daft Punk did indeed pen both and both will arrive separately on November 27th. Ok? Ok.

So with that in the back of the mind — as well as the always real threat that this is the latest example of fake Daft Punk music — we now introduce you to the 10 minute clip.

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