Check Out: Air remixes MGMT

“It’s Working” is one of the catchier tunes on MGMT‘s largely anti-pop second album Congratulations. There aren’t a lot of memorable hooks on the album, but this track retains some of the fun that was had on Oracular Spectacular. However, Air‘s new remix of the song (hat tip to Hypetrak) makes sure to suck any traces of radio-friendly pop right out of the song.

That’s not to say it’s bad — quite the contrary — it simply strips the song of its hop, if you will. Air’s version begins with Andrew VanWyngarden’s sparse vocals almost in a vaccuum, hovering over a minimal electro beat. Then the track quickly builds into something not just recognizable, but danceable. The structure of “It’s Working” stays intact as Air piles on layers of synth and piano lines. Air truly makes the song its own, while Soundcloud makes it yours — stream or download it below.


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