Check Out: Grinderman – “Heathen Child”

Would that I could time travel to September 14th and pick up this album already. Those previews for Grinderman 2 made me catch the scent and now blood lust has overrun my body and now I’m hungry like the Wolfman for this new album.

Nick Cave and his boys from Grinderman dropped their first single today, and it’s one ol’ dirty bastard of a song. “Heathen Child” (via Pitchfork) sports that same gritty punk blues we’ve come to know from their first release, the same teeth-clenched fierce delivery Cave’s voice has offered for years, and dammit it is great to hear some new Grinderman, right? Check out the song below. “Heathen Child” satiates my hunger. For now…

The “Heathen Child” 12″ limited edition colored vinyl will be released September 6th, about a week ahead of Grinderman 2, and will include an alternate version entitled “Super Heathen Child” which includes a guitar solo from Mr. Robert Fripp who’s wailed with King Crimson and Bowie in the past. The downloadable single includes the B-side “Star Charmer.”

Grinderman 2 is due for release on September 14th via ANTI-.


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