Check Out: Les Savy Fav – “Let’s Get Out of Here”

For all the press and hoopla The Suburbs is receiving, I’m told another forthcoming record that leaked this weekend — Les Savy Fav‘s Root for Ruin — is also quite good. Sure sounds like it if you put much stock in the newly revealed, first legal taste off the New York outfit’s fifth LP.

Much like every other track in Les Savy Fav’s discography, “Let’s Get Out of Here” can be described as chaotically catchy, a song defined by the band’s characteristically blitzing guitar work and a sing-a-long approved chorus. So while it doesn’t offer much in terms of newsness, it’s another hit for Les Savy to add to its arsenal — and another opportunity for frontman Tim Harrington to strip naked and/or go bananaz and/or play slip ‘n slide once takes the stage at a venue near you.

Grab the song in question for the price of an email address. Root for Ruin is due for release on September 14th via Frenchkiss.


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