Check Out: Lil Wayne ft. Gucci Mane – “Steady Mobbin'”

We already know that not even prison can contain the flow of Lil Wayne. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that now, four months in his year-long prison sentence, Weezy continues to dole out more music than a lot of rappers who aren’t behind bars. The latest example comes in the form of a new video for the song “Steady Mobbin'”, featuring another rapper who knows a thing or two about both mixtapes and prison — Gucci Mane.

According to MTV (via Spin Magazine), the video was actually shot in Wayne’s Miami home before he headed to the clanker. Gucci Mane filmed his part after his own prison stint, which ended one week after Wayne began his. Aside from this crafty editing, the only reason you should watch this (other than to see Wayne maybe walk around his home in a boxer’s robe at 5a.m.) is to to see the rapper ashe his blunt in one of his four Grammys. We’ll repeat that: he ashes a blunt in a Grammy. Sure, it’s a relatively insignificant gesture (you know, cause it’s still just a Grammy), but it is WTF-worthy because it demonstrates that A) Wayne has no tact and B) We all love it. The rest of the video features other shenanigans you should probably check out, too. Oh, and the song’s not too shabby, either.

Enjoy the video below. Stay tuned for more pre-probationary hijinx from Lil Wayne.


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