Check Out: Lyrics Born – “Lies X 3”

If 2010 is a house that hip-hop built, the place is becoming, like, “Cribs” worthy. With Breakout stars, don’t-call-it-a comebacks, and the underground resurfacing, we’re going to see some heavy-hitting LPs dropping soon. Can Lyrics Born — whose last proper release was 2008’s ambivalent Everywhere At Once — take up residence in this year’s homicidal domicile?

His first submission off his forthcoming album As U Were is “Lies X 3″ (via Some Kind Of Awesome), which finds Lyrics Born seeking comfort in a soulful strut. Tom Shimura, LB’s x-tian name, usually moves gracefully among gravelly hushed tones, energetic flows, and resonant R&B crooning. He opts only for the last of these tricks here, which proves to be a focused, if not mundane decision. A good start for LB, though. Look for more leaks in the coming months.

As U Were is out October 26th via Decon Records. Check out the cover art to to the upper-right.

Check Out:
“Lies X 3”


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