Check Out: U2 offers experimental outtake "Soon"

Experimental doesn’t always mean the musician is actually trying equipment or recording techniques that are unproven and revolutionary. It often just means that they are trying a sound they don’t know if people will like, so the experiment is whether fans will follow the musician into unproven waters. U2 has never been known as experimental, but it does frequently push their sound to new, though generally safe directions. “Soon” is not safe, but that is probably why it is an outtake and not on No Line On The Horizon, for which it was recorded.

If this tune sounds familiar, then you probably saw the recent U2 360 Degrees tour, which saw the band use this tune as its intro music. If you want to own it, though, you have to fork over some cash for the deluxe DVD version of U2 360 Degrees at the Rose Bowl, which includes “Soon” as a 7 inch on red vinyl (via Slicing Up Eyeballs). A few more thoughts on the song:

— If you told me this was the new Animal Collective song, I would believe you until the 48th second, where it just sounds like old dudes are making weird music.

— U2 should make all their new songs two minutes. It is enough time to develop a melody, but not enough time to make me feel guilty about something.

— I know everyone in Europe is going to hate me for saying this, but I’m kind of hoping they cancel more tour dates, and Interpol is forced to spend more time touring the states. Biggest omission from the Matador at 21 Fest should be there.

— Brian Eno is given both lyrical and music credits on this song. Eno, of course, produced a number of U2 albums including No Line On The Horizon and is quite the genius. Also given this credit is Eno’s co-producer Daniel Lanois.

— Lastly, while it is not a bad tune, if you are really at the point in your life where this two minute U2 throw away is exciting to you…well, just send me an email and I will get you some new tunes. Maybe you’d like Wavves…


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