Contra cover girl sues Vampire Weekend

I’m not sure many of us thought much more about the cover for Vampire Weekend‘s Contra other than it featured a female who shared the New York outfit’s love for polos. But the album’s cover girl — a model named Kirsten Kennis — claims she didn’t know about it at all and is now suing the band for $2 million, reports (via P4k).

In the lawsuit, filed yesterday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Kennis claims she did not sign a release for the photograph, which was taken by photographer Tom Brody in 1983. Instead, she says her signature was forged and, because Vampire Weekend didn’t “verify the legitimacy of the release,” she is asking for $2 million in compensation.

Moral of the story here? It’s probably a better idea to use cats or wolves on your cover than people. Just saying.


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