CoS Giveaway: Vinyl REM reissue

The bad thing about anniversary reissues is that it reminds you of how old you really are. “You mean R.E.M.’s Fables of the Reconstruction came out 25 years ago?! FML.” Of course the good thing about reissues is pretty much everything else, including an entire disk of bonus tracks, demos, and unreleased material. R.E.M.’s latest reissue of Fables of the Reconstruction has this in spades. Oh, and we’ve got a remastered copy of their 1985 classic pressed oh so gingerly on vinyl just for you.

Think you deserve it? Send CoS an email about the first time you heard an R.E.M. album front to back and how it irrevocably changed your life, and we’ll select the best anecdote. Was it Murmur or Document or did you first catch R.E.M. when they released Out of Time or Monster? Be creative, be fun, write from that thing that ticks in your chest, or be glib, sardonic and all gen-x about it. R.E.M. would like it either way.


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